JACR Call for Papers: Failing Up

Learning from failures is a fundamental skill for success. But when we look at many of our luminaries we see only the accomplishments and none of the setbacks. An upcoming JACR special issue will dive into the many facets of failure and how to overcome it – and the journal wants to hear from you. When have you failed? How did the experience boost you up, either in the short term or long term? What can radiology as a specialty learn from failure?

Successful submissions will frame failure within one of the JACR’s pillars: leadership, practice management, training and education, data science, and health services research and policy. For example, practice management topics may include learning from failures related to a merger or business venture, in managing people, or in educational programs. Data science articles could cover failures related to reproducibility or unconscious bias.

“Failure reframed is an opportunity to learn, practice coping and strategic skills, and build resilience.”

– (JACR Editor-in-Chief)

The Details

  • Concept proposal deadline: March 31, e乐彩app官方下载旧版
  • Proposals should be 2-3 sentences and list any co-authors. Please e-mail to jacr@e乐彩app官方下载旧版jjeditorial.com and address to Dr. David Fessell.
  • Deadline for submission (if proposal approved): July 15, e乐彩app官方下载旧版
  • Deadline for final manuscripts after any requested revisions: Oct. 15, e乐彩app官方下载旧版
  • Print publication issue for accepted manuscripts: March 1, 2021

More information on article types, word count, etc. can be found in the JACR author instructions.

Failing Upwards Call for Papers