Goldberg-Reeder Resident Travel Grant

The ACR Foundation Goldberg-Reeder Resident Travel Grant awards grants each year to qualified radiology and radiation oncology residents and fellows seeking to spend at least one month assisting health care in a developing countrye乐彩app官方下载旧版. The grant was created to further encourage international volunteer service among members-in-training.

Apply by June 30.

How to Apply

  1. Submit the no later than June 30.
  2. Attach a current curriculum vitae
  3. Include a statement of how the fellowship relates to your career goals
  4. Provide a letter from your chair or group president expressing support for and agreeing to release you for the time necessary to complete grant-related activities

Responsibilities of the Fellow

  • All grant applications must be submitted using the
  • The grant is restricted to radiology and radiation oncology residents and fellows
  • Two letters should accompany the application:
    • A statement of intent by a sponsor, faculty or staff member of the health care organization abroad. Please include details about the goals of the visit in the letter.
    • A statement of approval for participation and for time away from the applicant’s training program from the applicant’s program director (the director during the time of intended travel). Please include details about the goals of the visit in the letter.
  • All submissions must be received no later than June 30
  • Travel plans must be confirmed (i.e., plane tickets purchased, itinerary set) by no later than December 31 of the same year
  • Travel must be to a developing countrye乐彩app官方下载旧版 as 
  • Travel must be in conjunction with improving health care in the developing countrye乐彩app官方下载旧版
  • Travel must be a minimum of one month of dedicated service in improving health care in the developing countrye乐彩app官方下载旧版
  • Awardees must sign a waiver releasing the ACR of any liability or responsibility related to or in conjunction with their travel and stay
  • Recipients will provide photos of their experience and agree to be interviewed about their experience for various ACR publications
  • Recipients will provide a report summarizing the impact of their visit on them and on the facility. The summary should focus on what goals were met and/or what needs are still ongoing for the program at that institution

Past Recipients

Since 2008, the following residents have volunteered at medical facilities to help improve radiologic care for patients across the developing world.

Brian Currie, MD — Gaborone, Botswana
Thomas Difato, MD — Kijabe, Kenya
Jay Shiao, MD — Telangana, India
Justin Tse, MD — Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Trenton Dittmer, MD — Masindi, Uganda

Jeffrey Waltz, MD — Masindi, Uganda


Chika Nwachukwu, MD — Nigeria




Julie Greenwalt, MD — Nicaragua 
Sahil Mehta, MD — Botswana 
Kareem Rahbar, MD — Uganda 
Karan Shah, MD — India

Kara-Lee Pool, MD — South Africa 

Mary Wood, MD — Chile

Nnenna Agoucha, MD — Nigeria
David Douglas, MD — Kenya (selected)  
Peter Lokken, MD — Bangladesh
Ginger Merry, MD — Uganda 

Rebecca Gerber, MD — Rwanda 
Morlie Wang, MD — Cambodia

Aarti Sekhar, MD — Tanzania 
Sonia Bobra, MD — Tanzania


The Road Well Traveled

Three 2017 awardees look back on their experience with the ACR Foundation’s Goldberg-Reeder Travel Grant.