Fellow of the American Collegee乐彩app官方下载旧版 of Radiology

One of the highest honors the ACR can bestow on a member in good standing is recognition as a Fellow of the American Collegee乐彩app官方下载旧版 of Radiology. ACR Fellows demonstrate a history of service to the Collegee乐彩app官方下载旧版, organized radiology, teaching, and/or research. Only 10 percent of Collegee乐彩app官方下载旧版 members have been awarded this honor.

FACR is awarded to diagnostic radiologists, radiation oncologists, interventional radiologists, medical physicists, and nuclear medicine physicians at the convocation ceremony held during the ACR annual meeting.

The honor of Fellow of the American Collegee乐彩app官方下载旧版 of Radiology is conferred on members who have been approved and elected by the ACR Board of Chancellors.

Helpful information regarding FACR process can be found in the resource:  Pathway to ACR Fellowship.

FACR Requirements

Fellow of the American Collegee乐彩app官方下载旧版 of Radiology is a prestigious award that is conferred by the Board of Chancellors.  The Committee on Fellowship Credentials measures each candidate's credentials against the Nomination Criteria rubric where members are not in competition with one another.  The CFC forwards its nominations to the Board of Chancellors for its review and approval decisions.

Among other requirements, candidates must fulfill criteria under one or more domains:

  • Service to the ACR at national or chapter level(s) and/or organized radiology/medicine at national, regional, state, or local levels
  • Outstanding teaching of diagnostic radiology, interventional radiology, nuclear medicine, radiation oncology, and/or medical physics
  • Significant scientific or clinical research in radiology or significant contributions to the literature

The minimum eligibility requirement is 10 cumulative years of ACR post-training membership. You may confirm your eligibility with a membership inquiry to FACR@e乐彩app官方下载旧版.

You are encouraged to review the ACR Fellowship Guidelines, ACR Bylaws  and Nomination Criteria or Military Nomination Criteria prior to beginning an application.   

At least two current Fellows must endorse your application; an All ACR Fellows list is posted below for your reference to help identify your potential endorsers.  View your chapter's submission deadline in the section below to avoid missing the annual submission date determined by your chapter.

Attendance at the convocation ceremony during the Annual Meeting is necessary for the honor to be conferred.  Members who applied this year will receive notification letters by December and those selected will participate in the May 17, 2021 Convocation Ceremony in Washington, D.C. unless approval is deferred to a subsequent convocation.

Application Process
Members seek endorsements from ACR Fellows and submit their online applications. The applications must precede chapter deadlines which are listed below in a drop down menu.

Chapter officers complete an application review and submit their recommendations to the Committee on Fellowship Credentials. The CFC presents its nominations to the Board of Chancellors which announces the candidacy decisions.  For additional information, contact FACR@e乐彩app官方下载旧版.

Spring e乐彩app官方下载旧版 - Chapter Review

Summer e乐彩app官方下载旧版 - ACR Review

December e乐彩app官方下载旧版 - Notifications

May 2021 - Convocation

Application for FACR Now Open

  • The minimum eligibility requirement is 10 cumulative years of ACR post-training membership.
  • Retired members are not eligible to apply yet members who retire in good standing retain FACR.
  • Radiation oncologists may choose to have chapter application review with current chapter or CARROS chapter.
  • Active duty military are exempt from chapter review unless already a chapter member and choose that route.
  • To be prepared to complete the application, gather your background information related to honors, awards, presentations, certifications, publications, leadership positions, teaching, research, an updated CV and identify at least two current ACR Fellows that will write endorsement letters supporting your FACR candidacy.  The application works best on a PC platform.
  • Check in with your chapter to determine its application deadline and for further support from the chapter fellowship chair.
  • Best of luck with your application to become a Fellow!  Email FACR@e乐彩app官方下载旧版 with your questions.

Chapter Deadlines for FACR Applications

Alabama Academy of Radiology

May 1

Alaska Radiological Society

May 31

Arizona Radiological Society

June 1

Arkansas Radiological Society

June 1

California Radiological Society

June 1

Canadian Association of Radiologists

May 31


May 30

Colorado Radiological Society

May 31

Delaware Radiological Society

April 15

District of Columbia Metropolitan Radiological Society

June 24

Florida Radiological Society

May 31

Georgia Radiological Society

June 21

Hawaii Radiological Society

March 31

Idaho Radiological Society

March 31

Illinois Radiological Society

May 13

Indiana Radiological Society

June 17

Iowa Radiological Society

June 15

Kansas Radiological Society

May 1

Kentucky Chapter of the ACR

May 1

Maine Radiological Society

May 1

Maryland Radiological Society

May 31

Massachusetts Radiological Society

June 1

Michigan Radiological Society

June 10

Minnesota Radiological Society

June 15

Mississippi Radiological Society

May 15

Missouri Radiological Society

May 15

Montana Radiological Society

May 31

Nebraska Radiological Society

May 31

Nevada Radiological Society

May 1

New Hampshire Radiology Society

May 31

New Mexico Society of Radiologists

February 1

New York State Radiological Society

June 15

North Carolina Radiological Society

March 20

North Dakota Radiological Society

May 31

Ohio State Radiological Society

June 1

Oklahoma State Radiological Society

May 1

Oregon Radiological Society

May 31

Pennsylvania Radiological Society

April 30

Puerto Rico Radiological Society

May 31

Radiological Society of Connecticut

June 1

Radiological Society of Louisiana

May 1

Radiological Society of New Jersey

June 15

Rhode Island Radiology Society

May 31

South Carolina Radiological Society

May 15

South Dakota Radiological Society

May 31

Tennessee Radiological Society

June 15

Texas Radiological Society

May 31

Utah Radiological Society

June 20

Vermont Radiological Society

May 31

Virginia Chapter of the ACR

June 16

Washington State Radiological Society

May 31

West Virginia Radiological Society

May 15

Wisconsin Radiological Society

June 1

Wyoming Radiological Society

June 1 

FACR History

When the Collegee乐彩app官方下载旧版 was conceived in 1923, its founders intended it to be a small and elite group of fellows. The following year the founders inducted seven fellows at the first convocation. The bylaws approved that year limited future membership to 100, with a maximum of five new fellows accepted annually.

By 1931 the Collegee乐彩app官方下载旧版 was being encouraged to enlarge its membership in order to expand its projects. In 1935 the new category of member was created for diplomates of the American Board of Radiology and the induction of fellows was retained for those members who had attained eminence in the specialty.

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