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The mission of the West Virginia Radiological Society are those of the ACR: advancing the science of radiology, improving radiologic services to patients and the medical community, and studying the economics of radiology; the encouragement of improved and continuing education for radiologists; and the establishment and maintenance of high medical and ethical standards in the practice of radiology.
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Administrative Assistant 
Shelby King
Pamela Martin Phillips, MD


Pamela Martin Phillips, MD


Daniel A Rodgers, MD

Vice President

Mark Lisle, MD


John E Reifsteck, MD, FACR

Fellowship Chair


Shawn DeWayne Reesman, MD, FACR

Councilor 2nd Term

Cimmie L Shahan, MD

Councilor 1st Term

Alternate Councilors

James J Baek, MD, FACR

Alternate Councilor

Erin H Butcho, MD

Alternate Councilor

Daniel A Rodgers, MD

Young Physician Alternate Councilor

Chapter Awards

Division A
Award for Excellence in Meetings and Education
Division A
Award for Excellence in Meetings and Education

The West Virginia Society of Radiologists is a chapter of the American Collegee乐彩app官方下载旧版 of Radiology and is an organization dedicated to the socio-economic interests of its members, the advancement of the science of radiology and the radiologic care of patients.

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