Practice Parameters and Technical Standards Field Review

Draft practice parameters and technical standards for e乐彩app官方下载旧版 are available. We invite all members to review and comment on the documents that will be released in e乐彩app官方下载旧版.

The draft parameters and standards are grouped into one of four field review cycles; each cycle lasts three weeks.

e乐彩app官方下载旧版 Field Review Cycles*

August 19 – September 6, 2019 (Closed)

September 9 – September 27, 2019 (Closed)

September 30 – October 18, 2019 (Closed)

October 21 – November 8, 2019 (Closed)

November 11 – November 29, 2019 (Closed)

At the end of each cycle, the comments are reviewed by the relevant subcommittee for discussion and possible revision. The applicable collaborating societies also review and approve them before ACR finalizes them at the annual meeting.

*Please note: This is the last time that changes to the documents can be considered prior to adoption at the ACR e乐彩app官方下载旧版 Annual Meeting